Binary Options Strategies - 60 Seconds Binary Options


Strategy For 60 Seconds Trading Binary OptionsOne of the biggest plusses of binary options is that traders have an opportunity to accumulate high per cents within a very short period of time. This is the main reason of such high options’ popularity.

60 seconds binary options strategy does really work thanks to very- short- range trading method. In case with this particular strategy, everything comes to expiration time in line with which contract’s activity takes place.

Strategy for 60 Seconds Options

The expiration time of such contracts is only 60 seconds (1 minute). In comparison with 60 seconds binary options trading strategy, long-term contracts have the same main and basic principles.

Despite this fact, short period of time has marked its imprint on the trading method. It is really important and necessary to have a good and winning strategy with the help of which it would be easy to determine the potential and forthcoming movement of the options’ prices.

60 seconds binary options first appeared on the West. Nowadays all its advantages are highly appreciated by traders all over the world. This financial instrument can bring 100% profit, of course if everything is considered accurately, carefully and in details. One more plus or distinctive feature is – absence of limits. The same advantages has also Turtle trading strategy that is rather popular among traders.


  • high profits;
  • there is no need to predict the movement of prices for a longer period of time, for example: one hour, one day etc;
  • big number of trades (within only 1 hour traders have a chance to make 60 trades);
  • absence of different additional commissions as well as tendencies to lower the profits;
  • wide range of trading platforms and instruments;
  • usually, during five hours trading process, traders can make 5 trades according to 1 hour options. Whereas dealing with short-term options, it becomes possible to make about 60 trades by simply using 60 seconds binary options strategy that works;
  • traders are offered all available assets and a variety of profitable conditions;

Now, knowing all pros, traders should just choose the best brokerage company considering their own individual needs and expectations. In the same way, assets should be selected (considering the highest level of volatility).

Martingale Strategy in 60 Seconds Binary Options

The concept of Martingale strategy is very simple and will be clear even for beginning traders – if the option is loss-making, then a trader increases the bet with the aim to cover the previous losses. As soon as the option starts bringing profits, trader should make the next bet minimum again.